About Us

Craftsigns can look back proudly over 31 years of successfully adding value to our customers’ corporate identity and brand-building programs. What has distinguished Craftsigns is the ability to innovate and to think “out-of-the-box”. Since its inception, Craftsigns has been at the cutting-edge of technology and continues to improve its products and processes to benefit the customer.

We identify with the corporate identity and brands of our customers as if we were co-custodians because we truly understand how important these assets are to your business. Craftsigns offers customers speedy and practical solutions.

We have patented distort direct print technology, a proudly South African invention. Continuous cost-saving technologies enable us to improve our offerings to the market on an on-going basis.

Our signage has an exceptional outdoor-durability as a result of the materials we select specifically to suit each project but more importantly through the special printing processes we apply.

With our own transport fleet and highly-trained installation crews, we can reach any place in South and Southern Africa where you would like to transmit your corporate or brand message. Our two factories in Cape Town and Pretoria respectively ensure we minimise transport costs to your site.

Craft Signs is BEE-compliant.

We have used the 4 p’s of marketing as an inspiration for the 4 P’s of our value system:

  • Passion – for our business and working with our customers to build their brand equity
  • Pride – in who we are, what we have achieved and how we go about satisfying the needs of our customers
  • Partnership – working as co-custodians with customers to give power to their brands
  • Performance – ensuring we deliver top quality on time within budget